Demolition of our barns at Victoria Homestay, PEI

Demolition of our barns are starting. The barns on our property are very old and have started to fall. One of the fascinating details is the width of the boards and the beams. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has also helped quite a bit. A couple of very strong winds blew a hole in one of them.

 We have enjoyed having some very big fires. It would be very interesting if the barns could talk – we know there have been chickens, cows and lots of potatoes stored in the barns.

Many people are very interested in doing “DIY” Do it yourself crafts from barn board, windows and doors. This is one of my favourite pictures of my sail boat and the Tryon River make from pieces of glass glued on an old barn window.

The next time you come to visit at Victoria Homestay – our property will look quite different. We look forward to welcoming guests next Spring to Victoria Homestay.

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