Potato harvest in PEI

Fall is in the air, the geese are flying south and it is potato harvest time in PEI.

Potato fields in bloom!

Early every morning I wake up to the sound of huge pieces of equipment traveling in front of Victoria Homestay to travel to fields in the neighbourhood to dig potatoes. Farmers are now anxious to harvest the beautiful potatoes they have been growing all summer.

A full potato truck returning to the barn!

Did you know that growing potatoes has been a way of life since the late 1700’s. Farmers have been passing down valuable knowledge from one generation to the next for many years. That explains why PEI potatoes are perfect.

PEI’s red, iron-rich soil is perfect for growing potatoes. It keeps the right amount of moisture in the soil, and warm summers and cold winters provide the right balance of heat, light and water!

I can’t even imagine this quantity
PEI harvests 1 billion kilograms of potatoes every year and they are shipped around the world.

Islanders love to eat potatoes in many different ways – mashed, boiled, fried – and even in potato fudge. One of my favourite recipes is Potato pie. I have included the recipe. And the next time you come to PEI we can make it at Victoria Homestay PEI .

Please stay safe and healthy and we look forward to welcoming you to Victoria Homestay in 2022 when we start welcoming guests again!

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