Christmas family traditions at Victoria Homestay

Christmas family traditions at Victoria Homestay start early! Traditionally we bring out an Advent Wreath four Sundays before Christmas. The four Sundays represent Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Each week we light an additional candle! I love this tradition – as a child I can remember going out with my father to cut pine branches and make our own wreath.

Our Advent wreath with the first candle lit for Hope.

Another very important family tradition starts on the 1st of December. We buy Chocolate Advent Calendars – every day there is a piece of chocolate – again this is a tradition that I remember as a child however when I was younger there was no chocolate. The calendars were usually sent to us from my aunt and uncle in England. Even though our girls are older they still look forward to an Advent Calendar.

Our daughters especially love the Lindt chocolate brand !

Tourtieres is a tradition that Neal brought into our family traditions. There are many kinds of tourtieres – some have rabbit, moose, chicken, beef, or a combination of any of these. They are mixed with potatoes and herbs. When Neal was younger – his mother would make as many as 40 pies each season. Neal and his brothers and sister have kept their mother’s recipe and they have a friendly rivalry every year trying to decide who makes the best tourtiere!

Neal making our supply of tourtiere.

Decorating is another tradition we enjoy. Very early in December we see Christmas decorations pop-up all-over Prince Edward Island – some people love to decorate the exterior of their homes; other people spend a lot of time decorating inside. It is wonderful to see Christmas lights on houses in the evening on a starry night – especially if we have fresh fallen snow. We also have many ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree and the inside of our house.

9 Cutting the Christmas tree
13 Family sleigh ride
10a Cousins building a Gingerbread house

This year with COVID 19 Christmas will be a little different – we will not be able to visit as many neighbours and friends. Normally we spend Christmas Eve at my sisters house with lots of family and friends. All the cousins build a Gingerbread House, lots of food and singing Christmas carols and telling jokes.

Our family hope you have a Merry Christmas wherever you may be in the world – please remember to be kind to one another and stay healthy.

Back to school this year was an emotional experience!

Back to school this year was an emotional experience. Our oldest daughter was accepted at a French University in the province of New Brunswick. She was making lists all summer. She packed her personal belongings, as well as everything needed to make her own meals.

It was a momentous day when we packed the car with all her belongings and drove across the Confederation Bridge to Universite de Moncton. We helped her move in and then went shopping for food and all the little things she had forgotten.

Neal and I spent one night at an AirBnB in Moncton and returned to her dormitory on Sunday and cooked brunch together. We spent a few hours exploring the city of Moncton with Catherine and left her on her own. It was a hard day for us both – we didn’t realize how difficult it would be to say goodbye.

Eating Brunch with Catherine in her dorm room!

Our youngest daughter Erin Marie started her last grade of high school. She is very independent this year – she bought herself a car and drives to school rather then taking the bus. She is the president of the school council and the editor of the school year book. She hopes to join the Volleyball team later in the season.

Even though school life for both the girls has changed with COVID they continue to be optimistic and excited to continue their journey of learning.

Erin on the first day of school